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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ten Places I Love to Visit

This post is part of a series on Blue Day Lists, please check out the other posts.

These are places where I like to relax, think, and reflect. Some are peaceful, others are exciting or inspiring. I enjoy going to these places alone or with friends.

1. My local coffee shop - I frequent several local coffee shops, but there is one in particular that is my favorite. It's called The Rock Espresso Bar, and I spent several hours there writing my dissertation, while eavesdropping on local gossip.

2. The beach -This is my sanctuary. It doesn't matter which beach or which ocean, I find most beaches to be a spiritual place. Looking out over the vast ocean reminds me that we are all connected and part of something much larger than just one person.

3. My bathtub - On a smaller scale, I find my bathtub to be a relaxing, quiet place. A perfect bath would include a glass of wine, soft music, and candles. But these days, I'm enjoying my daughter's baths just as much.

4. The lake - We have several lakes within driving distance of where we live. When I was pregnant, my darling husband (DH) and I frequently spent the day at the lake. We packed a picnic and our portable stove, and I would read books and magazines while he fished off his kayak.

5. The hot springs - Are you seeing a theme yet? I love water! For years, I wanted to get a hot tub. I crunched the numbers, poured over classified ads, talked to salesmen at the fair, and had a file on the exact hot tub I dreamed about. Then, I realized that my DH and I could go to the local hot springs every week for 5-10 years for the same amount - plus, no heating fees, no messy cleaning chemicals, and no storage needed.

6. The pool - I was a swimmer in high school, and I find lap swimming to be relaxing and meditative. Call me crazy, but when your head is in the water and you're staring at a black line, everything else seems to melt away.

7. The Monterey Bay Aquarium - This is a special place for many reasons. When I was younger, my dad brought me along on field trips with his biology classes to the aquarium. I loved to watch the otters play. Then, when I grew up, my DH planned the most romantic marriage proposal ever and surprised me by booking the aquarium and arranging a private tour.

8. The library - The possibilities are endless when you are surrounded by books. To me, being in a bookstore or library is like being in a candy store. The best part about the library, of course, is that the books are free and after you read them they don't take up space in your house.

9. My parents' garden - My parents still live in the house where I grew up. And, I was married in their garden. Although he is never boastful, my dad has created an amazing garden that requires almost full-time care, which he does all himself.

10. A good garage sale - I loathe clutter, but I still love a good deal. A garage sale is unlikely to break the bank and still allows an outlet for a little retail therapy. Going to garage sales is probably my favorite way to spend a Saturday morning.

Where do you love to visit?

photo by capegirl52

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