Sabtu, 21 Februari 2015

The Good Glass // Garosugil

The Good Glass // Garosugil

2.20.15 - Garusogil

2.20.15 - garusogil

Two super quick street style snaps from an afternoon in Garosugil, Gangnam, South Korea. 
Lots of muted tones and monochrome.

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Rabu, 18 Februari 2015

Winter Archives

Winter Archives

I'm still taking an outfit picture a day in that sunny corner of my tiny apartment in Seoul. For a while I was posting them on my regular instagram but I thought it was a bit much for my every day instagram. Just a day or two ago I made a brand new instagram feed just for my daily outfit shots - it's primary purpose is archival for me but it's been getting a little bit of attention when I put up my outfit posts. You can follow it @elizabeth_wears if you'd like! See you all over there!


Key pieces from each outfit:

Riding Boots: Frye Melissa Boots (outfit three)
Boots: Ariat (outfit one, two, four)
Blue Jeans: Madewell (outfit three, four)
Black Jeans: Madewell (outfit one, two)
Hat: carhartt (outfit one)

Jumat, 06 Februari 2015

Rooftops of Seoul

Rooftops of Seoul

Rooftop Coat (6 of 24)

Rooftop Coat (9 of 24)

To me, winter is not all that bad if you have the sunshine, and here in Korea we seem to have an ample amount of it so I can't complain. Despite that it's still cold and I've taken to running the hallways and steps of my apartment building for exercise since running outside seems to make my knees feel creaky and ache. 

It was on one of these stair climbing and lap running adventures I discovered that I can get onto the roof of my building very easily. It's not a bad place to be on a sunny winter afternoon, even if it is a little bright! 

Rooftop Coat (15 of 24)

Rooftop Coat (24 of 24)

Rooftop Coat (11 of 24)

Rooftop Coat (2 of 24)

Rooftop Coat (18 of 24)


Coat: QUA
Jeans: Madewell
Shoes: Ariat
Sunglasses: Gangnam Station

Selasa, 03 Februari 2015

Art and Rain

Art and Rain

Art Day January (3 of 10)

Art Day January (2 of 10)

Just a short walk
around three museums
on a rainy day here
in north central Seoul.

Art Day January (6 of 10)

Art Day January (5 of 10)
(I can't tell you the name of this one. All I know is that at one point it was a guest house that hosted a lot of artists a long time ago and now it's been gutted and turned into an art installation. Definitely my favorite stop of the day.) 

Art Day January (10 of 10)
(...and tucked into the city is this bit of nature - a Josen era footpath preserved for us to wander around)