Jumat, 02 Agustus 2013

Summer Sweetness - Part Two

Summer Sweetness Summer Sweetness

Summer is drawing to a close - I finished my internship yesterday and on Monday I start training for the new district. Oh my goodness! This summer has absolutely flown by and has been so jam packed and busy. We hit the ground running by flying to Alaska the day after I finished up with my school year, I started my internship the day after I got back, and I start school three and half days after my internship. 

Despite this, there has been so much time to play! When I think of all the amazing things that I have done this summer the thing that comes to mind is gratitude - simple gratitude for all that has been given to me, for all the happiness I have. 

What are you grateful for this summer? 

  Summer SweetnessSummer Sweetness Summer Sweetness Summer Sweetness

It goes without saying that all of these pictures were done by Jessica Triggs. 


The Hair and Makeup was done by me. 


The shirt is vintage, repaired quickly before the shoot after sitting under my bed for almost three years. The scarf and shoes are vintage, too. The shorts are by the talented Anna Allen.

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