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Junkyard Wonders



How many of you have ever read the book The Junkyard Wonders by Patricia Polacco? It's one of my favorite children's books. I had the pleasure of using the book in a reading unit I taught this year and the kids really loved this book in particular. The premise of the book comes from Patricia Polacco's own childhood and is about a little girl who ends up in a special education classroom with an exceptional teacher who was able to inspire the students to create and learn through creating.

I have to make a confession - until yesterday I've never been in a junkyard before but I've read about my fair share of them. Many of you who know us well know that my husband, J.R. is restoring a vintage Porsche and auto salvage yards have become his "thing" in this process. He found out a Porsche of a similar model had been dropped off and was there to be (for lack of a better term...) cannibalized. He wanted to head over straight after church and I wasn't opposed to going along to look around, having never been to one. I also bargained for a shopping trip to my favorite grocery store on that side of town and a trip to my favorite Indian Food Restaurant and he was more than happy to throw that in after inspecting the car at the salvage yard.

Clearly, my shoes were not very practical but I know why Kate Middleton wears L.K. Bennett frequently for appearances - this pair is made for walking! I liked how out of place I looked among the rows of cars and since I had my camera in my car and was able to get a few outfit photos there. The light was pretty much perfect - all those cars act like foil reflectors!

We didn't find the part for the Porsche we were looking for - someone had gotten their first and had taken the entire circuit system out but we were able to pull a few things for our primary car including a quarter panel to replace the dented one from an incident with a dear up in Estes Park many summers ago.






I'm wearing the Pansy Corset Trench Coat by Anthropologie, which is no longer available but can be found on ebay using this search.  I'm also wearing Madewell Skinny Skinny jeans (like's pretty much the only cut I wear right now), L.K. Bennett Sledge Pumps, and a Hurley T-Shirt I borrowed from my husband's closet (Similar color in a woman's cut here...on sale, too!). The belt is from Calvin Klein

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