Kamis, 19 Juni 2014

Back to Basics



It's easy to look polished when you have an arsenal of fitted blazers in your closet to arm yourself with. I chose this one in a lightweight wool from Brooks Brothers to wear over a fitted french cuffed shirt. When I was in college I'd buy french cuffed shirts from the men's department and put darts in them Katherine Hepburn style. Luckily, Brooks Brothers does the same thing so it's a whole lot less work to wear a french cuffed shirt these days.






Both the blazer and shirt are by Brooks Brothers. Can you guess where the jeans are from? Yep...Madewell's Skinny Skinny! The shoes are old anthropologie. I switched the regular shoe laces out for some vintage ribbon I had sitting around because I wanted them to look a little less lumberjack and a little more...Marie Antoinette. The belt is from Calvin Klein.

Bonus Photo: The outfit shoot location I chose happened to be near the venue for ComicCon here in Denver! As I was taking pictures The Avengers walked past me and I couldn't help but flag them down to be in a photo...


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