Senin, 10 November 2014

Toronto For Fall

Toronto in November

We went to Toronto again this weekend. It was a really nice, calm trip. The weather was a little grey and quite cold but we found some new places to eat, had some wonderful conversations with each other, and saw a few more corners of the city. I've updated a few of these places in the Toronto City Guide so if you're interested you can head on over there to check it out! 

 As a treat for you all I decided to take a few clips as we were walking around and also bring my camera in for a little peek into the Design Exchange's Fashion as Politics exhibit. I really, really loved the Comme Des Garcons lineup in the center of the exhibit since Rei Kawakuboas has long been a favorite designer of mine. She seems to have a quietly determined personality that I admire and does many things well.

There were also a few Alexander McQueen dresses on display mixed in among the political fashion and dresses from Canadian Politicians. The exhibit did a great job of merging the timeline of how people have used clothes to represent their own personal politics as well as  fashion choices major politicians have made through the years.

Toronto in November

Toronto in November

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