Kamis, 06 November 2014

Work Wear



When we moved to Michigan I decided to take a break from teaching and it's turned out to be a very good thing for me. The districts here are tricky to navigate and the really good ones where I could make a sustainable go at it are very, very competitive. Right after we chose to move I realized I missed the hiring window in almost all of the districts and was going to have to either settle for a less than desirable teaching job or do something else. I decided to take this time to do something else while I had time.

Now, for the second time in my life, I'm sewing professionally. Right now I'm working in the sewing department of a  museum - my official title is "seamstress" which really just means I sew whatever I'm given to sew. I'm really thrilled that I get to work at the museum for a while. It runs at a much lower intensity than the Textile Restoration Firm I used to work at four years ago and the expectation of the quality of the work is much higher - and we are actually given time to complete it well. The community in the studio I work at is fantastic and I've really met some creative, kind, and talented people and have learned so much about construction techniques. My own home sewing has truly gone up two or three levels because of what I've learned while sewing outside of my home.

Sewing is such a huge change from teaching - the hours are better (no more late night report card comment sessions or fretting all night about lesson plans), it's very quiet (I can listen to tons of music or podcasts on my phone during the day), and I can use the bathroom whenever I want, but I still do miss the kids! To try to get my teaching fix, at least a little bit, I've started doing literacy tutoring which has been great! I just wish I could make it more frequently to do that.

I snapped these pictures right after work yesterday - I'm sure if it would have been in the morning before work my hair would have looked better and my makeup would have been perfect but this is pretty typical for what I wear to work in the studio. I'm really enjoying getting dressed for work in the morning lately after so many days of being at home and dressing only for myself! Also, there's so many inspiring people, objects, and places around me right now and as a result I've been trying to step outside my comfort zone. I have been playing with texture, color, and proportion as I get dressed in the morning. Some days work and some days don't but I enjoy all of them!





Shirt: H&M (Madewell makes a good chambray tunic - this H&M one is out of stock!)
Scarf: Gift from a former student
Jeans: Madewell
Shoes: Ariat
Bag: Talbots (Somewhat similar flannel style here)

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