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You Should Know: How To Draft Your Own Tote Bag

I should have given you some advanced warning on this but I didn't make up my mind to cross post this over to my blog until just now! I'm co-hosting a sew-along on Reddit and have been working hard to make all the materials for everyone to follow along with in October so they'd be ready to post in November. 

For those of you who are curious about what a sew along is it’s an activity where a bunch of people get together and sew a similar item, generally doing the same steps in the same time frame and communicating successes and frustrations with the community. At the end we all share what we made!
I'm spending the month making the project with a new instructional video each week. Here's the basic info you need to complete the overall project:

This Month's New Skill/s: Inserting a lining into a bag, creating a loop and button closure

Materials Needed: *
.5 yds material for outside of tote and handles (I will be using a #8 Cotton Duck because I have it sitting around and I like a stiffer tote bag!) 
.5 yds material for lining tote (I will probably be fishing through my scrap bin for this and looking for something that'll work with my cotton duck! This will likely be a thicker cotton but I'll show you what I come up with later.) 
Thread that matches the fabric
A button

Suggested Supplies 
A large piece of paper (craft paper, architect's paper, even a paper bag cut open and laid flat or wrapping paper) to draft the pattern on 
Something to write on the paper with 
Something to mark your fabric (tailor's chalk or even a simple pencil or pen will do)
 Paper scissors 
fabric scissors 
sewing machine 
A ruler or measuring tape 
A quilting square or grid is helpful to make square corners but this can be done with other things as well!

Week 1: drafting the pattern, cutting the pieces
Week 2: Sewing the bag, lining, and handles 
Week 3: Creating the loop for the closure, installing the lining, finishing with a loop and button closure 
Week 4: Showing it off!
Feel free to ask any questions you have here and I'll try to help wherever possible!

If you're interested in joining here's the first video:

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