Selasa, 13 Agustus 2013

Not Quite a Bed and Breakfast...



Our house is run, at certain seasons, like a home hotel. Whoever is staying at our house comes after work or on a weekend day and I feed them dinner and we sit around my tiny table using every spare chair in the house. We talk over life and love and all manner of other things. Then we all head to sleep, my guests sprawled out around the house on air mattresses and the couch. I feel happiest when my house is full, the company is laid back, and I can enjoy the adventures and stories, and experiences of life they are having.

I have really been finding my cooking groove lately. My sister, who's entire life revolves around food, would be proud. My grocery budget, however, isn't. Regardless of that I have really enjoyed the process of making dinners these days - and it is a process - a walk to the grocery store (five blocks there and back), prep, serving, and best of all eating and conversation and building relationships. It's a bonus when the food is delicious, in season, and exactly what I want to eat that day.

My friend S, on a whim, took me to Costco with her today. I had never been but I was excited to see the inside of the legendary store that both treats its workers right and has all sorts of food in bulk. While I was there I found gluten free cheese ravioli, something I have not had in many, many years. So many, in fact, I can't remember ever having cheese ravioli. With that in my (giant!) shopping cart I knew exactly what I was going to be serving for dinner: Gluten free Cheese Ravioli in a Garlic and Olive Oil sauce inspired by Seven Spoons - my variation gets rid of the crab and lemon zest. I picked up a loaf of rosemary bread to fill the carb needs of my husband, and lightly tossed mixed greens in the Jalapeno Vinaigrette I made from Sprouted Kitchen. It's a little more elaborate than our usual weeknight meals but you can't say no to inspiration when it strikes.

As someone who previously detested cooking I can say I am reformed.

What have you been eating for dinner these days? How do you manage your grocery shopping and cooking?






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