Minggu, 26 Mei 2013

Barbour Pockets

It's no surprise from my last few blog posts that I'm slightly obsessed with my Barbour jacket. I wear it just about everywhere - to work, the mountains, on hikes, while traveling. 

Barbour Pocket

I can't remember how or why I knew I wanted one - people don't wear them much here in Colorado since technical fabric seems to be the preferred water resistant fabric, but I knew that I wanted to be both stylish and functional in the back country and mountains, especially when weight isn't an issue (like during long backcountry adventures when every ounce matters). I was also attracted to the idea that people who have Barbour coats wear them forever. If there's one mantra I live by it's buy once and use forever. A Barbour coat was just the ticket - warm, waterproof, sturdy, stylish, with lots of options like a hood or a liner for different adventures. 

Barbour Pocket 2

I saved up my clothing money, purchased a jacket directly from the UK via Skype, and as it turned out we've had an usually wet spring so I've worn my Barbour coat more than I had anticipated. In addition to that it's been a layer under my sleeping bag in the Utah desert, it's protected me from the spring showers while shuttling my students to their cars after school, it's gone on numerous adventures to the Colorado Rocky Mountains, and it's huge pockets have been purse, tote, and hand warmers based on what I've needed that day. 

Barbour Pocket 3

So...what's floating around in the giant pockets of my classic Beadnell? It looks almost like an homage to the southwest and to-do list made out of objects all rolled into one:

- A tiny book of poetry published by Centennial Press. I had intended to share a poem with a friend. 
- Several pens and neon sharpies used to write thank you notes for my parent volunteers. 
- A vintage silver and turquoise Native American bracelet picked up on my last trip to Moab, taken off so I could take notes on something. 
- A letter with an overdue reply owed to a dear friend.
- A rock picked up on my last hike with my family in Rocky Mountain National Park. Yes, that one where I fell through the snowpack into the meltwater below! Brr!
- My wallet and keys

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