Jumat, 13 Juli 2012

Closet Change Up

We have two clothes closets in our house. One is a walk in and the other is a regular sized closet. JR has always held the walk in closet, using it to store all of our gear, kayak paddles, backpacking backpacks, and all of those things that we need for our outdoors adventures. We were able to re-organize and switch closets giving me an extra four feet of closet rod space. I was even able to get him to hang the closet rod six and a half feet off the ground so my floor length and trained gowns don't drag on the floor.


Before I had quite a few things double and tripple hung on hangers, tule gowns from the 1950's were getting squished in between cotton things, and my wool dresses were going positively flat. I think my dresses are enjoying the extra breathing room and are starting to fluff out again.

My little dress parade makes me happy! I have to be the luckiest girl in the world to own so many beautiful clothes. 

(A profile shot of some 1950's through Current confections in my closet...spot the new ballgown on the right next to the upside down crinoline?)

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