Minggu, 08 September 2013

Morning Monochrome

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In the morning I like music, but the rest of my household likes to sleep in. As a solution I walk around with my ipod in my back pocket and a set of headphones on. I have three sets to chose from: A set of earbuds that fit under my bicycle helmet and stay in my ears while I run but have terrible sound quality, my gaming headphones that involve a microphone and have middling sound quality, and my studio headphones that have the best quality but a quarter inch connector at the end. I prefer my studio headphones but the adaptor I used to use to connect them to my computer and ipod broke on a flight and I have yet to replace it. 

I also have been setting my hair up in the headband curl thing. It's a very easy wet set that gives me very curly hair, as wet sets left on overnight are just about the only thing that can get my hair to curl for most of the day (It'll be stick straight by 10 PM, though!). It starts out unruly and relaxes throughout the day and I find that if I don't brush it I tend to get better curls, so I take it out and let it be. 

This morning I put on black jeans, a black tank top to protect the shirt I was about to put on, and my black Birkenstocks. I caught myself in my mirror and I had to laugh - with the microphone and headset on I looked like a theater tech with unruly hair.





What was I listening to this morning? The Cinematic Orchestra. It's perfect morning music. 


I'm wearing pants by Madewell, shoes by Birkinstock, and a tank top by old navy. 

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