Sabtu, 31 Mei 2014

Saturday Horse Shows



The barn I ride at has casual horse shows  (or schooling shows...) - they are small, involve both English and Western Classes, and seem more like a family riding and goofing off together than something where we have to go all out and all crazy to be the very best. It's not that we don't's just that we don't stress while we're trying!

A few Saturdays ago I had the opportunity to show in one. I showed up alone and was immediately adopted by a mom who's elementary aged son was riding in it, too! (It's hard to show horses on your own...having an "assistant" is completely necessary to get you through the day!) This is just more proof of how calm and laid back these shows are - you can just walk in and you have a crew of people who can jump in and get you where you need to be! My amazing trainer also helped out and ran the show at the same time - she's so talented!

The show went well and I got second place. Thomas Dole of MaxMX Photography was there documenting the whole event and was able to grab a few pictures of me while I was there. Thank you!



Photo credit to Thomas Dole. You can check out more pictures of the show here or follow him on twitter here. Thanks again!

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