Selasa, 08 Juli 2014

Red Rocks Amphitheater



The other day I picked up an iced coffee and a Gluten Free donut and headed down to Red Rocks Amphitheater to have breakfast to. I've been trying to eat breakfast in interesting places these days and I thought Red Rocks would be a great addition to my list!

Red Rocks is a really busy place even when there's no concert going on! There are lots of tourists who come to visit and take pictures, it's a prime destination for people who want an outdoor workout (running the steps at Red Rocks is considered a must-do workout for those of us who want to get in shape out here!), families running around, day camps with kids in matching t-shirts hiking through, and couples hanging out and chatting. Even in the morning this place is crawling with people. 

I really like going to Red Rocks because of how open it is when nothing is going on. You can climb up on the stage, hike through the rock formations, and climb the steps for the generous views. There are some great hiking trails that wander through the area and I've often started mountain biking at Green Mountain or Matthews Winters and ended up making a little stop at the amphitheater just to look around. 











The tribal print leggings are by k-one. I bought them impulsively and really had a hard time styling them but I think I finally figured it out. The silk shirt and sandals are by Madewell (both on sale!). The turquoise is all vintage. 

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