Rabu, 22 Oktober 2014

Auburn Hills



There's a town in the suburbs of the city I live in called Auburn Hills. I recently had to drive through Auburn Hills on the way to an errand and I understood clearly why the city is called that. The trees are ablaze with the fall colors - red, oranges, yellows, and yes, even Auburn. I found this beach in the woods out there and spent a little time running around on it all by myself.

I love a tropical beach, don't get me wrong. I love the azure water, sunshine, burning sand, night time bonfires, the great people watching, and the smell of the salt and humidity. Just as much, or maybe even more than I love that summer kind of beach, though, I love an autumn or winter beach. I love the grayness, damp sand, and cold wind that speaks of an ability to rush right along the surface of the water like a gull. Most of all there's a stillness about it that's hard to find anywhere else. It's quiet and there's just the sound of the water and the wind and there's space to run around. When I find these empty beaches I run along that place where the water and the world meet with my hair down until my eyes are stinging with tears from the wind.

So, as I was running errands I found this beach sitting there, all lonely and perfect, and went out to run on it and rejoice in the fall leaves. I had my camera in the car and a good hair day so I decided to take some photos. This simple shift is the most recent thing that I've sewn - I really am on a sewing kick right now! I blame the Japanese Pattern Books for it - these things come together so quickly and are such small projects they can be completed in a morning so I can just kind of churn them out as fast as I want to wear them.

This particular shift is made in a Japanese denim that has just the tiniest bit of stretch in it that I found for sale in a fabric shop around here. It's super simple and easy to wear and has patch pockets in front to hold all your random stuff.








Dress: Self Made

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