Sabtu, 04 Oktober 2014

The Grey Canvas Coat



It's Autumn right now but for some reason the whole universe feels like spring to me, emotionally. I'm not sure how to explain it. It could be that we just moved and new friendships and careers are blossoming, or it could be all of the new things that I am learning and trying to teach myself, or it could just be the way I am these days, stuck eternally in spring, always growing and growing and trying to bloom. I don't know.

Moving to Michigan has been a difficult thing in some regards. My most beautiful friendships took place there. I know Denver well and the city itself provided so much comfort and adventure. I ate breakfasts in amazing places - the capital steps, Red Rocks, and I was never scared there. I always felt safe. 

We took frequent trips to Moab and Santa Fe and I grew to love the geography of the desert and the brightness of the stars to the point where it felt like the Southwest had sunk into my skin. I am altered because I was there, and I am unable to return to the person I was when I arrived. And, holding all these thoughts, I am grateful I can not go back to who I was before the dust and ash of the summer and the blueness of the winter sky and the spring and fall storms rolling over the mountains like the breath of God. 

But now I'm here and it's a good life. It's very different. The objectives have changed, the community has changed, too. But I am still content. I've never had so much time to play and work and figure out how to get a massive, beautiful project off the ground. I move slower here - there is so much time. We also have almost nothing in our house because we haven't really unpacked and I truly like it that way. I may never go back. Those boxes might stay packed forever. 

We  have come into this mindset here that we didn't have in Denver that if we want something we'll make it and that is so satisfying. I've made wallets, purses, shirts, fancy dinners, sewing tables, and even the coat I'm wearing in these photos. It takes time, this creating, and sometimes multiple tries, but the things that we've made are going to age well. And this in and of itself has taught us that the very best objects in life are the things that become perfect over time. Everything is an investment. It's worth doing it right. 









Coat: Self Made
Sweater: Icelandic Lopi 
Jeans: Madewell Skinny Skinny
Shoes: j. crew
Scarf: I can't remember 

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