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Yeti Beti Bash 2012

I finally, after training for two months, was able to race for my new team last weekend. I participated in the 2012 Yeti Beti Bash here in Colorado.The Yeti Beti Bash is an all women's event held at Bear Creek Lake Park. The only event that was remotely similar was a Queens of Cross race that I did last year. 


When it's a women specific or woman focused event in cycling people tend to come out in droves to support them and for that I was truly thankful. My own little posse included JR and two lovely friends of ours and many of the other racers had their children or husbands around. It looked like many of the guys cheering in the fields raced themselves and they knew exactly where to put themselves in order to make the worst spots fun - around tight turns, on the top of steep hills and in technical sections (of which there were not many...the only technical section of this race was made technical by a man walking his dog on the race course.) 


I had a great time racing - I was second into the singletrack, a victory for me because I usually am a dead starter. I was passed by two girls and ended up getting a well earned fourth. The field was big enough that I actually got to race and use my brain which doesn't always happen. I feel like technically I've improved enough and I'm fast enough that I'm starting to get competitive in my field. I'm racing in Wisconsin next though, so we'll see how a WORS field is compared to an all women's event in Colorado!

The Yeti Beti's did a great job with the event! There were excellent swag bags (usually I don't like those - I'm not a clutter person but they included a copy of Dirt Rag, a water bottle, and a well designed Twin Six T!), helpful supportive women, and some of the biggest names in women's mountain biking turned out to race! I was so excited to be cooling down while some of the women who routinely race UCI world cups were warming up in the same space. I'm kind of a mountain biking  fangirl (I watch all the UCI world cups online) so this was pretty much the neatest thing ever. 

Highlights of the 2012 Beti Bike Bash from ergon on Vimeo.

Here's a great little video of the race that Jeff Kerkove and Ergon International Put together.

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