Senin, 11 Juni 2012

Three Days of Summer

One of the gifts of summer is that we seem to have more time. People move slower. Things seem less imperative. Housekeeping and cleaning is only done in the cool hours of the morning and evening and the middle of the day is given to rest. We measure our time less - it stays light so late that I often forget if it's 6:00pm or 8:00pm


We've had time to look at book stalls with friends...


...time to enjoy teeny tiny little kittens...


...time to chase friends into dream blue houses in old neighborhoods...


...time to sit on creaky old porches in the shade...


...time to spend in magical overgrown gardens...


... and time to cultivate my home. 

What have you been doing with your summer time?


Dress: Thrifted (Gap)
Pinnifore: Self Made
Boots: Ariat
Socks: Target

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